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Black and gold.

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Q: What are New Orleans Saints official colors?
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What are the team colors of the New Orleans Saints?

Black, White, and Gold

What is the official mailing address for the New Orleans Saints?

New Orleans Saints5800 Airline Dr.Metairie, LA 70003

Colors New Orleans Saints wear for Super Bowl?

gold and white?

What exactly are the colors of the New Orleans Saints?

The colors of the Saints are Black and Gold. The reason why these colors were chosen is because of the name "Black Gold" which is oil and Louisiana has a lot to do with oil.

Where can someone download a wallpaper of the New Orleans Saints?

Wallpaper of the New Orleans Saints can be downloaded from their official website. Crackberry is a site that also has several different patterns. Sports Geekery is another.

Why do the New Orleans Saints wear white at home when they play in a domed stadium?

They wear white jerseys because it is more common now to wear white than thier other colors

Where can one purchase New Orleans Saints hats?

New Orleans Saints hats can be purchased at the official online NFL Shop as well as online on Amazon. They can also be found online and in-store at Lids.

Who are the New Orleans Saints official partners?

Rams, Tampa Bay, falcons, Saints

What were the New Orleans Saints former name?

It has always been the "New Orleans Saints".

In what city and state do the New Orleans Saints play in?

The New Orleans Saints play in the city of New Orleans which is in the state of Louisiana.

Where are the New Orleans Saints from?

New Orleans, La.

When did the saints start playing in new Orleans?

The Saints organization began in New Orleans in 1967.