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The Lobster tennis ball machines are used by professional tennis players for practising their tennis skills. These machines sweep the tennis balls to the left or right and are used during physical workouts by the tennis players.

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Q: What are Lobster tennis ball machines used for?
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What is machine used to shoot balls in tennis?

The machines tennis players use to shoot tennis balls are called tennis ball machines. Tennis players also call them ball machines, but a Google search for "ball machine" might bring up machines from different sports.

Are there any good websites for buying used tennis ball machines?

Yes, there are., www.craigslist,com, and all sell used tennis ball machines.

Where can I go online to find inexpensive tennis ball machines?

Head to They have one of the best tennis ball machines you can buy. You can just head to good old, they have plenty of tennis ball machines for you to choose from. where can I find a used tennis ball machine with battery and A/C?

How do tennis ball machines improve a player's game?

Tennis ball machines can be used to practice returning balls. By using a machine you don't have to find anyone to practice with. You can also set the speed of the ball to be constant so that you can stretch yourself.

Is the use of a tennis ball machine beneficial when practicing tennis?

These machines are used by all professionals, especially for early training. They help you to perfect your strokes.

What can a tennis ball be used for?

to play tennis

Where can cheap tennis ball machines be found?

Cheap tennis ball machines can be found in a variety of places. Typically the best places to look are on craigslist, utilizing a search of the for-sale items, or at a local landfill. Local used sports shops are also a wonderful resource.

What is used to play tennis?

tennis racket and tennis ball

What type of Tennis ball is used at the French Open?

hard tennis ball

What is the purpose of a tennis ball?

It is used to play Tennis.

What equiment is used in tennis?

just a racket and a tennis ball.

I'm looking for used tennis ball machine send me pictures,so where can i find one close to my area?

Used tennis ball machines are probably best found on Craigslist if you're in Murfreesboro. It depends on how well-maintained you want your new one to be, though.

What are the best tennis balls for tennis machines?

For a ball Machine, it does not change the kind of ball you would use if you were playing a tennis match. If you are a keen tennis player (plays more than 3/4 times per week) i wouldrecommend to buy Head ATP or any Slazenger but if you are just a typical player any unpressurised ball can be used with success.

What tennis ball is used at the US Open tennis tournament?


Why is rubber used in a tennis ball?

Rubber is known for its ability to bounce, and how strong it is. A tennis ball is used for the sport of tennis. It needs to be able to bounce, and be strong and sturdy so it can be hit. That is why rubber is a major use in a tennis ball.

where can i buy a used tennis ball machine for a middle of the road player?

where can I find a used tennis ball machine with battery and A/c?

Where can I find a used Tennis Tutor ball machine?

Tennis Machines Inc. deals in new and used tennis equipment including ball throwing machines. They can be reached at 14520 Manchester Road, Winchester, MO 63011. Their phone numbers are (800) 572-1055 (toll-free) or (636)394-8811. You can email them at or visit their site online at You can also visit and search for "used ball machine". Another avenue might be to try Craigs List at

What tennis ball name is used in the Wimbledon Championship?

Slazenger tennis balls are used at Wimbledon.

What minerals are used in making a tennis ball?

The tennis ball is made from a mixture felt-rubber; the internal gas is air.

How fast does a old tennis ball lose its bounce from a new tennis ball?

It depends on the quality and conditions of the tennis ball. If the ball is used frequently, in the rain, or if it got wet, it could wear out in a few days.

What is a lobster tennis machine used for?

A lobster tennis machine has several different uses, not just for tennis. It can tone you, naturally, in tennis, but also in baseball, field hockey, or even football. It is a machine that throws balls at you at a different speed, and the speed is one that you can set from slow to fast. They can be used for training or just for keeping up your sport.

When is aerobic and anaerobic respiration used in tennis?

when you run and try to hit the tennis ball

How heavy is a tennis ball?

The International Tennis Federation specifies that a tennis ball used for their tournaments must weigh between 2 ounces and 2 1/16 ounces.

What kind of metal is used in table tennis ball?


What brand of tennis ball is most commonly used?

A few