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For the 2008-2009 season, Liverpool's away kit is grey. The clubs away colours vary year by year, they have worn white, black, yellow and green.

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Q: What are Liverpool football clubs away colors?
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What was score between Liverpool and Zenit football clubs?

The first match of the Europa league was at Zenit's home , which saw liverpool losing 2-0 . But in the second match , Liverpool won 3-1 , though it was not enough as Zenit went through on terms of away goals

How far away is Anfield from Goodison Park?

Anfield is the football stadium in Anfield, Liverpool, England. It is five minutes away from Goodison Park. Goodison Park is the football stadium located in Walton, Liverpool, England.

At Liverpool football ground do home and away supporters sit together?

no the fans are segregated

What are the Colors of the saints football team?

the saints football teams home colors are Vegas gold and black and there away colos are Vegas gold and white

What has been Liverpool fc away strip colours?

The current away top for Liverpool if grey with red trimming

Is Liverpool going to use the same jersey they are using in the 08-09 season for the 09-10 season as well?

ther getting a new black an gold away top

What are the colors of Liverpool?

home kit top red shorts red. away kit top white and red.alternitive top black and yellow shorts black and yellow

How far away from Liverpool is Bolton?

The distance from Liverpool to Bolton is approximatly 25.96 miles or 41.78 Kilometers.

How far is Liverpool away from Newcastle?

173 Miles

What jersey will Liverpool wear against wigan?

The next time Liverpool vs Wigan (on December 21st, 2011), Liverpool will wear their away kit.

How many miles are between Mumbai and Liverpool?

Liverpool in Uk, to Mumbai is approx 4,591 imperial miles away. I

Why are German national football team away colours green?

The colors of the German away jerseys changed from time to time. It was mostly green, because gree is the color of the German football association (DFB). But they had also for a short time red away jerseys. At the World Cup 2010 they will have black away jerseys. This was the color of the jeresys worn at the first football match of a German team in 1898.

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