What are Libby Tricketts achievements?

Updated: 2/24/2020
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yo what up dog

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Q: What are Libby Tricketts achievements?
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What is Libby Tricketts dads name?

libby tricketts dads name is john

What is libby tricketts nickname?


What are libby tricketts hobbies?

cooking ;)

When is Libby tricketts birthday?

9 February

Libby tricketts favorite color?

its blue

What is libby tricketts middle name?

her full name is constance libby constance trickett

What is libby tricketts occupation for a job?

She chose a career path as an Olympic swimming contender. Libby Tricketts is now a Olympic Medalist for swimming from Australia. She retired in 2009 but returned out of retirement in 2010.

What is Libby Tricketts Mum and Dad's name?

her mums name is Marilyn

What is is libby tricketts favorite food?

libbys favourite food is hamburgers

Does libby trickett any cousins?

Probably. My dad is Libby tricketts second cousin. Kinda the same, right? :p

What are libby tricketts siblings names?

their names are Stewart [brother] Victoria and Justine [sisters]

What is Libby Tricketts diet?

libby has salad every night with some steak. libby only drinks water