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soccer, i think lol

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2010-03-08 09:41:35
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Q: What are England currently World Champions at?
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Who is the best rugby nation in the world?

New Zealand used to be .... South Africa is currently the best in the world. -Currently ranked no 1. in the world -World Champions 1995 and 2007 -Super 14 Champions 2009 -Sevens World Champions 2009 -Currently leading on the Tri-Nations log 2009

Who are the defending world t20 champions?


Is Manchester united the best tem in the world?

Yes, Champions of England (Premier League), Champions of Europe (Champions League), Champions of the World (FIFA World Club Cup)

Who are the current world champions of rugby?

The current world champions are South Africa. They defeated England 15-6 in the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final.

What are the ratings and certificates for Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2010 England - World Champions - 2010 V?

Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2010 England - World Champions - 2010 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

Which country is the world champion in women's cricket?

the world champions for the woman's cricket is England

Who are the olympic hockey champions?

The defending champions are currently Sweden.

Who were the world heavyweight boxing champions?

Currently it's Vlad an Vitali Klitschko and David haye.

Who is the best team in the MLB?

Currently, the Boston Red Sox are the defending World Series Champions.

How many former Formula 1 world champions will be competing in the 2012-2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix?

There are currently 6 former world champions competing in the 2012 series

Who are the current world champions of the icc t20 world cup?

England 2012 world cup will start on 18 September

Who are the current women's rugby world champions?

The current world champions for women's rugby union are New Zealand. New Zealand defeated England 13-10 in the final of the 2010 world cup.

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