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There is no age but there are very few Olympic runners under 18. In Track and Field, athletes are not stronger or faster at a younger age unlike some other sports such as swimming, diving, or gymnastics.

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Q: What are Age requirements for Olympic runners?
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Are Olympic runners separated by age groups?

No, runners compete together regardless of age.

When did The Olympic Runners end?

The Olympic Runners ended in 1979.

When was The Olympic Runners created?

The Olympic Runners was created in 1974.

How many runners in an olympic relay race?

there is 12 runners in an olympic relay race

What do runners wear in Olympic games?

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What are the age requirements for the Olympics?

For olympic gymnastics they must be 16 in order to compete.

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What do olympic runners eat?

The Olympics runners eat whole grains and other healthy things.

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Famous olympic runners?

Usain Bolt

What are the names of the top 20 male olympic runners?

give me a name of a woman olympic runner

How fast do olympic runners run?

It depends on the event.

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What is the minimum age for olympic competitors?

There is no specific age limit to participate in the Olympics Games. However each sports federation is able to make their own age requirements if they choose to do so.

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Why do Olympic runners yawn before a race?

To show how nonchalant they are.

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Why did the olympic committee change the age requirements for soccer?

The age requirements currently used by the olympic committee limit the number of highly experienced professional players a team can have. That limitation creates more parity between more teams. Without that increased chance for smaller countries to win a medal, many smaller countries would not even submit a soccer team to play in the Olympics.

Have any olympic runners ever caught there shoes on fire?

No pritty obv