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There are no precautions. HA HA HA

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Q: What are 4 precautions that should be followed in your PE class?
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What clothes should I wear to PE Class?

If your school doesn't have a uniform for PE Class, you should wear sweat pants, T-shirt, and running shoes.

Should students run or stretch first in PE class?


Should you change PE and call it sports education?

no because PE is short for physical education they have a sports education class already

Should Gymnastics be taught at school?

From my point of view, the only class I can think of that should teach that is maybe PE.

What do PE teachers mean in a dream?

If you dread going to PE class and hate being criticized by the PE teachers, the dream merely expresses those feelings. It does not predict any future event in PE class.

Should students hve to take PE class if they are in sports?

Yes, players need strength and stamina from PE by running, playing sports and getting great grades in other subjects in school.

If in class pupil 47 is oppoisite pupil 16 when the group is seated in a circle how many students are in this PE class?

if in a class pupil 47 is opposite pupil 16 when the group is seated in a circle how many students are in the PE class?

This guy in your pe class keeps glancin at you a lot and when were not in class when he sees you he looks at you what does that mean?

Well, he is either checking you out or is gathering the courage to ask you out. If you like him you should go ask him yourself.

Why did James Naismith develop netball?

He developed it for his rowdy PE class.

How fake injury pe class?

that is the lamest question that i ever heard.

How do you say PE class in spanish?

"Clase de educación física"

Should students be not be required to take PE if they have active extracurricular activities?

they should not be required if their extraclicular activity is a sport. but besides that they should be made to do pe

Should PE be included in your GPA?


Should I do rugby for GCSE PE?


What did samurai do for training?

they did alota really hard push ups for their pe class

What subjects should you take to become PE teacher?

PE, for a start. Should you go onto further education, study to become a teacher.

Why should you wear PE clothes during PE?

you should wear P.E. clothes because it may be more comfortable for you to stretch or excercise

Should potential energy be written as PE or pe or Pe?

ā¨œāŠ‡ P(E ā¨¨ā¨šāŠ€ā¨‚ )= 0.25 ā¨šāŠ‹ā¨ĩāŠ‡ ā¨¤ā¨žā¨‚ P(E)=â€Ļ .If P(not E)= 0.25 then P(E)=

Should you be concerned that your penis is about 3 inches bigger than those of friends in your PE class at school?

dont worry it is great big penis are good to suck

Can you do PE on your period?

I don't think you should

Should PE be conducted out of school hours?


If in class pupil 47 is opposite pupil 16 when the group is seated in a circle how many students are in the pe class?


Do you need pe gcse to take a level pe?

I'd strongly recommend it, i did GCSE PE and am now doing A-level PE and it does help so you have a strong foundation to start learning a-level PE. There's a lot i fall back on now when learning things because i already knew them from GCSE, and all of the people in my a-level class that didn't do GCSE dropped out because it was too difficult. Some schools may not let you do do A-level PE unless you've already done GCSE so you should probably check. good luck in whatever you do :-)

Why do middle schools have to take a pe class?

because you get your heart rate up and going

How long does first class mail take from Portland OR to PE Canada?

two days