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tackling in football, hitting a Baseball, and having the joy of beating your opponent

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Q: What are 3 ways you can relieve stess by playing sports?
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How does playing sports relieve stress?

well a few ways 1) First maybe to take your anger out, for example in football you can tackle people 2) If you truly love the sport then maybe playing it would relieve stress 3) If you have good friends on the team maybe talking to them will relieve your stress Hopefully this helps! :)

What are five ways that we use energy?

running,walking,sprinting,jogging,playing sports

What are some fun easy ways to exercise?

Playing sports, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, for an example there are hundreds of thousands of fun ways to work out like maybe playing games

What are are some ways to relieve pain from a sports injury at home?

You can relieve pain from a sports injury at home by doing several simple things. You can massage the area yourself or ask someone to do it for you. You can also gently stretch out the muscles and then relax them to try to help with the pain. A cold compress or heat applied to the area could help too.

What are some ways people express their feelings?

People express themselves by:speech,writing,singing,painting,drawing,dancing,playing music and playing sports.

Seven ways NFL and nba alike?

They are sport , they are sports, they are sports, they are sports , they are sports , they are sports ,and they are sports .

What are three ways to relieve work stress?

There are many things one can do to relieve work stress. Some ways of relieving work stress is listening to music, exercising, and hanging out with friends.

How do you relieve stres?

You can relieve stress in different ways that include listening to relaxing music. Each person deals with stress differently and the ways to relieve stress can include drinking tea, soaking in a warm bath, squeezing a stress ball, and deep breathing exercises.

What are ways you can prevent injuries while playing sports?

You can prevent injuries by following this list: 1.Wear a helmet, knee pad, and elbow pad. 2.Go to the doctor to check if you are ill. 3.Be careful. 4.Strech to get your muscles ready. 5.Be alert of your surroundings. These are some ways you can prevent injuries while playing sports.

What are some ways I can relieve sciatic pain during pregnancy?

Some ways to relieve sciatic pain during pregnancy include elevating the legs, increasing water intake, stretching and yoga. The best way is to have the baby!

How did the world respond to the system of Apartheid?

The world isolated South Africa in many ways, by trade restrictions, by not playing sports against them, ostracising them at meetings, etc.

How can I relieve stress headaches?

There are many ways to relieve stress headaches. Sometimes a cold compression helps when placed on your forehead. A hot bath will also sooth you and help you to relax.

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