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There's the up-tempo teams and then there's the half court teams

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Q: What are 2 kinds of offensive styles in basketball?
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What are 2 kinds of defense in basketball?

Man And Zone

What are the 3 offensive positions in basketball?

There are five not three offensive positions in basketball. 1. point guard 2. off guard or two guard 3. small forward 4. power forward 5. center

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2 on 2

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11 and 1/2 basketball units.

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2 meters.

How tall is a basketball player?

over 2/3 height of basketball hoop

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That question makes NO sense

What is a trap in basketball?

a trap is when your team is on defence and you have 2 players guarding him you wait till the offensive player crosses the half way line then the 2 players guarding him one in front of him and the other on the side. therefore the result is the offensive player can't go back over half court because it will be "cross court" he can't go round them other wise he will go out and there are 2 players guarding him so he is "TRAPPED!" hope this helps

What is a half court defence in basketball?

When team #1 is offensive and they are throwing in the ball, team #2 will run to half way and wait for team #1 to run towards them and then team #2 will start to defend when team #1 reaches them.

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1.overhead pass 2.chest pass 3.bounce pass 4.outlet pass this question is answered by: Peter Martin Batica,2nd year highschool student from basey,samar