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The aquatic sports in the commonwealth games are Diving, Swimming and Synchronised swimming.

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Q: What aquatic sports are in the common wealth games?
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How many sports does Common wealth games cover?


How many sports were included in the games in common wealth 2010?

17 games

2010 common wealth games will be held in Delhi?

yes the 19th common wealth games are to be held in delhi.

Is Egypt member of the common wealth?

No Egypt is not a member of the common wealth games as the map shows.

What are the ten core sports of the common wealth games?

The core sports at the Commonwealth Games are Athletics, Netball, Badminton, Rugby Sevens, Boxing, Squash, Field Hockey, Swimming, Lawn Bowls and Swimming.

Is US participating in common wealth games?


What is the other name for the common wealth games?

The friendly games.

Where common wealth games 2004 held?

There was no commonwealth games in 2004.

What country does not participate in the common wealth games?

Only countries that are members of the common wealth, but now the only country that does not take part , is Zimbawe, as it is expelled from the common wealth. Japan isn't in the common wealth games either neither is Scotland or England as they dropped out because of the poor conditions

How many common wealth games held?


Poem on are we ready for common wealth games?

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Where will common wealth games 2010 be held?


Where you can get poems and essay on common wealth games?

in poems

Name of logo of common wealth games?


Where will the next common wealth games will be held?

in scottland

Where first Commonwealth Games were played in 1930?

The first common wealth games were first known as the 1930 British Empire Games. These common wealth games originating from the 1930s were held in Hamilton Ontario.

Why was the Commonwealth Games invented?

The common wealth games were invented as a alternative Olympics

How do the Common wealth Games begin?

The Commonwealth Games begin with the Opening Ceremony.

Where were the common wealth games held in 1974?

new zealand

Where was the 2006 common wealth games held?

Melbourne, Australia.

After How many years common wealth games held?


Is saina mirza participating in common wealth games?

yes no

Are common wealth games gold medals are really gold?


Where and when will be next common wealth games be held?

Glasgow, Scotland

Where will the 2014 Common Wealth Games be held?

candidate city