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Q: What announcer did Harry Kalas replace on the Phillies?
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Who was the late play by play announcer for the Phillies?

Harry Kalas R.I.P.

Who was MK from the Phillies?

It's not "MK" It's "HK." HK stands for Harry Kalas, who was the beloved announcer for Phillies. He died in 2008 and was honored by the patch on their jerseys that says "HK."

Who is the speaker of the Phillies?

Harry Kalas he has been doing it since 1971

What station did Harry Kalas broadcast Philadelphia Phillies radio?


HK on baseball uniforms?

The Philadelphia Phillies are wearing 'HK' on their uniforms in the 2009 season to honor their long time broadcaster Harry Kalas who passed away in April, 2009.

Who were the Phillies announcers in 1980?

Harry Kalas, Richie Ashburn, Chris Wheeler, Andy Musser

What is the birth name of Harry Kalas?

Harry Kalas's birth name is Harold Norbert Kalas.

What is Harry Kalas' birthday?

MARCH 26 1936 Harry Kalas

Who are the Phillies announcers?

Harry Kalas Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews and tom mcCarthy and the phillies were founded in 1883

What is Harry Kalas famous for?

Harry Kalas is an american sports caster. He is most famous for his play by play announcements with the 'Philadelphia Phillies' Major League Baseball team. He stayed in this position until his death in 2009 aged 73.

What nicknames did Harry Kalas go by?

Harry Kalas went by Harry the K, and The Voice of Philadelphia.

What is Harry Kalas's birthday?

Harry Kalas was born on March 26, 1936.