What animals are used in the Olympics?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The only Olympic sport that involves animals is horse racing. The sport was included in the games from 1900 until 1912.

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horse riding

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Q: What animals are used in the Olympics?
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What were the teams based on in the Olympics back then?

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What are the five animals in Olympics?

dog,cat,rabbit,cheetah and worm

What is the significance of the animals in the opening ceremony for the Olympics in London?

Britain is a land of farmers.

Why was bronze used for?

It is used for medals in the olympics and Jewlry

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A cheetah. They have been clocked at 120MPH

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Why are animals sacraficed for the ancient Olympics?

The Olympics were games held to honor the gods. At the time, people felt that they needed to sacrifice animals to properly worship their gods, therefore, many animal sacrifices were made in honor of each individual god.

What were the Olympics used for?

They were used to show pride in all the country's.

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There were no Olympics, and so no Olympic flag, in the Middle Ages.