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yellow card= a warning red card= must leave the court yellow and red card= must leave the facility

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for school project

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Q: What an infraction of the rule called in volleyball?
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Where did the rule come from in volleyball?

what rule

What is the meaning of infraction?

The act of infracting or breaking; breach; violation; nonobservance; infringement; as, an infraction of a treaty, compact, rule, or law.

Who wrote the first rule of volleyball?

Wiliam Morgan invented Volleyball and wrote the rules.

What is the origin of volleyball?

It was always called a volleyball

Is 16028A an infraction or a misdemeanor?

It's an infraction. I know because I just called Santa Clara courts to check on my old driving abstract. Thought it was was a misdemeanor, was told it's an infraction. Whew!!

What is a volleyball quarterback called?

Volleyball does not have a quarterback position.

What is the suffix of infraction?


Oxygen deficiency in surrounding tissues is called?


Meaning of dead ball in volleyball?

A dead ball in volleyball is any ball that touches the floor or violates a rule, resulting in an end of the play.

What is the original name of the game volleyball?

Mintonette is the first name of the volleyball...afterwards a man noticed the game and called it volleyball (originally spelled as Volley ball)...

What was volleyball called before it was called volleyball?

the former name of volleyball is called "Mintonette" , it was just change when Dr. Alfred S. Halstead suggested to change the name of the game to "Volleyball" in 1932. It's first olympic game hall in Tokyo, Japan. editor -Aimee Gillespie writer- Maddie Finn

What is the main rule in volleyball?

There is none, they are all just as important as the other ones.