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Bobby Jones won the US Open, US Amateur, British Open and British Amateur all in 1930.

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Q: What amateur won 4 major golf tournaments in the same year?
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How is score determined in a Pro Am golf tournament?

It is the same scoring system with amateur plays.

Which 2 golf tournamants have always been played on the same course i.e. the masters has always been played at Augusta National. Name the other?

There are many tournaments that are always played at the same golf course.

What are the four tournaments in golf's Grand Slam?

The Masters, US Open, The Open and USPGA Championship they all have to be won in the same calendar year.

How is score determined in a Pro-Am golf tournament?

With the exception of the fact that the scores of the pro and the scores of the amateur are combined, the scoring system is the same.

How do you say amateur in french?

The same: Amateur.

What are the EPGA major tournaments?

Same as the mens professional majors, The Masters, US Open, The Open and PGA Championship.

What is the only major golf tournament held at the same course every year?

The Masters

What golf major is played at the same course each year?

On the PGA Tour, the only Major that is played at the same course every year is The Masters. The tournament is held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia every year.

Can you play a different kind of golf balls on different holes in the same round?

Yes, in amateur golf there is nothing stopping you. The only thing you cannot do is change ball midway through a hole. On the professional tours there is a one ball rule.

What are the rules and regulations for table tennis in Olympics?

The rules and regulations for table tennis in Olympics are the same as for other major table tennis tournaments.

What do the US Golf Association do for golf?

The USGA do many many things for golf. * They are in charge of running some high profile tournaments, such as the US Open and US Amateur. Here they pick the pairings, have full control over course set up (such as tee and pin positions) * For PGA Tour events and other professional tour events, USGA representatives act as rules officials giving rulings. * They are incharge of the upkeep of the rules including changes in the rules and trying to make them clearer so everyone can understand and apply them. * They inspect new clubs, balls and even tees to ensure they conform to their set standards. * They have rules on Amateur status, which controls the rights and interests of amateur golfers. The USGA controls USA and Mexico, but the R&A covers the rest of the world. There are two different rule books, The R&A version and USGA version, although they are essentially the same.

Can a tennis player with a combination of major titles like doubles in one tournament and singles in another in each major tournaments win the Grand Slam or must all titles be in the same category?

All must be in the same category.

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