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six times six is 36

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Q: What allows a diver to work below 300 meters?
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What would Tom Daley want to be if he was not a diver?

Tom would be a Gymnast if he wasn't a Diver. He is looking at TV work as a presenter also.

What output device allows you to view your work as you do it?

A monitor allows you to view your work as you do it.

A submarine descended to a level 230 meters below the surface of the ocean. Later it ascended 95 meters and then dove 120 meters. What was the new depth of the submarine?

The submarine will be at a depth of 255 meters. We work it by 230 - 95 + 120 = First, 230 - 95 = 135, and 135 + 120 = 255 meters

How does a rotating bezel watch work?

A rotating bezel is a feature that is found in a diver's watch. It works by measuring the elapsed time and indicating how much time is left before a diver runs out of oxygen.

Does Video Game Design allows freelace work?

Does Video Game Design allows freelance work?

What does 'diva' mean Isn't it spelled diver?

Answer diva (Dee-vah) = a distinguished female singer, prima Donna (Latin, a goddess) diver (dy-ver) = someone who goes underwater for work or play

Allows your computer to work?


A 65-kg diver jumps off a 10.3-m tower The diver comes to a stop 2.0 m below the surface. Find the net force exerted by the water.?

1 Calculate Potential energy at top of tower PE=mgh PE=63.5x10x10.3=6695 Joules At water surface this is converted to Kinetic Energy KE=6695J Work Done by water bringing the diver to rest is 6695J Work done is W=Force x distance FORCE=wd/DISTANCE F=6695/2=3347.5 Newtons Net Force exerted by the water is 3347.5 Newtons

What is the main role of the Atrium?

The main role of the atrium is to assist in the complete filling of the ventricle below it. This extra "push" of the blood allows the ventricles to work more efficiently.

What part of a diver's body might be hurt during a deep dive and why is this so?

During the deep dive the divers body goes through immense pressure. The atmospheric pressure in the deep as one goes more deep it increases so the lungs of the diver has to do more work and also that if the diver comes up on surface faster ten the rate he went down then the helim would be formed in the lungs of diver which can be lethal.

How many meters are there in 2.5 km with work?

2.5*1000 = 2500 meters

Whats device allows a computer to work in a different country?

There is no device that allows a computer to work in a different country you have to change the settings in the computer for it to work in a different country.

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