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The All Black team that toured to the United Kingdom, France and Canada in 1924-25 and went unbeaten in 32 matches are known as 'The Invincibles'.

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Q: What all black team were the 'Invincibles'?
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What was the 1982 Australian Rugby League team?

The 1982 team was known as "the Invincibles"

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What was the All Blacks first name?

Although the New Zealand Rugby Union wasn't formed until 1892, a New Zealand rugby team toured New South Wales in 1884. They are referred to as the New Zealand team or New Zealand Representative Team and, according to the NZRU website: "The New Zealand Representative Team is recognised as a New Zealand team and its players are recognised as All Blacks". Otago prop, James Allan who played on that 1884 tour has the distinction of being named All Black No. 1. The team that went to Britain in 1888 was called the 'Natives' and the team that toured in 1905, the tour where they were first given the nickname 'All Blacks', are now referred to as the 'Originals'. The team that toured in 1924-25 are called the 'Invincibles'.

When and where did George nepia die?

He was a member of the 'invincibles' which from memory were an All Black team who had toured United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Canada. They Played 32 matches between 1924 and 1925. He played in all of the games won. I think he played Full Back (don't quote me on this) though. That's the George Nepia I know anyway.

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