What air pressure allows it to be kicked farthest?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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You need to be more specific. What do you mean by "it"? A soccer ball, a beach ball, a hot air balloon?

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Q: What air pressure allows it to be kicked farthest?
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Where is the center of low air pressure?

it is located where the air particles are farthest apart.

Why can liquid boil at a low pressure?

Reducing the air pressure allows the molecules to escape

What decreases as air rises that allows it to expand?

As you go up in elevation, the local air pressure drops, because there is less air above you to push Dow (gravity) to produce the pressure. Less pressure allows the air to expand.

What allows planes to fly?

Aerofoil shaped wings and air pressure allows aeroplanes to fly.

What is the effect on inflation pressure on the distance a soccer ball can be kicked?

Yes because it matters how much air it has. the more air the more distance.

What is the relationship between air pressure and tornadoes?

The air pressure inside a tornado is very low. This allows the tornado to draw air inward at high speeds.

What purpose does an Air Pressure Gauge serve?

An air pressure gauge has a very important purpose. It allows one to know the air pressure in a tire. It is important to drive with correct air pressure in the tires, because it helps the tire last longer and be more efficient.

Why does the exosphere have the least amount of air pressure?

Air pressure decreases as altitude increases. Matter is held by gravity. The same reason that pressure is greatest in the core, the least pressure is farthest from the core. Matter "thins - out". The heaviest elements are always in the center and the lightest are furthest from the center.

Why is it important for a meteorologist to know about air pressure how does it help him or her forecast the weather?

Air always flows from high-pressure to low-pressure areas. This allows the meteorologist to predict wind direction and speed.

How are tornadoes related to air pressure?

Tornadoes produce very low pressure at their centers. It is this low pressure that pulls air inward and allows it to stay in the circulation at high speed once it enters.

When air pressure decreases the mercury in a barometer?

The mercury rises. The lower atmospheric pressure allows the mercury to drop in level.

Why is a baseball hit farther at an higher altitude?

The lower air pressure allows the ball to fly easier through the air.