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At around age 12

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Q: What age should I lift dumbells?
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What age is safe to lift dumbells?

You must be at LEAST 12 yrs old.

Can a thirteen year old lift dumbells?

sure, it makes you more strong and it funP.S. i am 12 and i lift 4 pound dumbells so you ca lift 5 pounds (: ,:p

Can i lift dumbbells if i am 5''6 and weigh 124lbs and 16yrs old if i can lift weights how much should i lift pls help me tanx?

What ever your age, you can lift dumbells. I lift 10kg per arm Comfortably and i am 13, have you tryed picking up weights yet? and if you have how much can you lift? Reply back please.

Can you lift dumbells if you are 5 feet 10 inches and 115pound and16 years old if you can lift weights how muchshould you lift?


How can children get buff?

By eating right and lifting wieghts. For kids 11-13 you should lift 5 pound dumbells for 20 minutes each day.

How much weight should a 10 or 11-year-old boy lift?

It depends on the boy. I think a 11-year-old boy should lift about 20-30% of their body weight. I am about 80 pounds so about 10, 15, 20 pound dumbells.

Does lifting dumbells affect height of teens?

No. It's a common myth that lifting weights as a teen will stunt one's growth. Beginners should lift weights under supervision to avoid injury.

What weights are recommended for adjustable dumbells?

There are particular weights recommended to different people when one is looking for adjustable dumbells. The weight of a dumbell is usually measured by the height and the actually weight in order to define how much weight one can lift.

How much should you lift at age 13?

bout 250, 275

What dumbells are best for seniors?

Light weight dumbells are best for seniors to use.

What is the right age to lift dumbell?

you should be at least 12 years old.

Do dumbells help tone your pecs?

Dumbells can help to tone your pecs if you do the correct excercises.

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