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the age of fast pitch softball starts at 11 (the ages may vary for your leages)

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Q: What age plays fast pitch softball?
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Related questions

What size softball for fast pitch?

Depends on Age sometimes 11 inch or 12 inch balls

What age group uses an 11 inch softball for fast pitch?

9 and 10 year olds.

How big is a fast pitch softball?

Two different size balls are used depending on age. One is an 11" and the other is a 12".

Can you bunt in softball?

It depends on what the league rules are. High school and college softball you are allowed to bunt. Most often once you reach a certain age in a youth league you're allowed to bunt. (I'm assuming you're talking about fast-pitch softball)

What is the distance from home plate to pitcher's mound in fast pitchsolfball?

In fast-pitch softball, it's 46 feet for men and 43 feet for women and everyone under 18 years of age.

What size glove does a 2nd baseman use in fast pitch softball?

It depends on the age. Younger girls use a 10 inch glove, older girls use at least a 12 inch glove.

How old does a girl have to be in order to play softball?

Any age can play softball.. i have been playing all my life and i am now 13! One of my coaches plays softball and she is in her 40's!

How far away does the pitcher pitch in softball?

depends age group 12 under - 35ft

What age do you have to be to play softball?

what age do you have to be to play pro softball

What age did Jenny Finch start to play softball?

Jennie started playing softball at the age of five, and started pitching at the age of eight.

In Bantam fastpitch softball how many feet is it from home plate to the pitchers mound?

For softball here is the distance for all age levels from themound to the plate. Ages 7-9: 30 feet Ages 10-12: 35 feet Ages 13- Highschool: 40 feet College level pitchers: 43 feet Men's League Fast Pitch is 46 feet

How fast on average due 12-14 year old girls pitch a softball?

it all depends on how long the person has been pitching for. if you have been pitching since a young age it should be mid to high 40's at the least , if you throw faster than that great (:

What age did Jennie finch started playing softball?

Jennie started playing softball at the age of five, and started pitching at the age of eight.

Up to what age can you play fastpitch softball?

You can play softball as long as you like just not a grandma. There is pro softball, so you can play softball as long as you like.

How many teenage girls play softball?

Supposedly, when starting (age 6). 48% play (t-ball, coach pitch) but as time goes on, it drops to about 29%.

What size softball is used for 16 and under fastpitch softball?

12 inch ball for softball in age groups 16 and under

Why are softballs different sizes?

Softballs are different sizes because many different ages of girls play softball. A 9 year old girl could not grip a softball the an 18 year old plays with. It is to help all age levels play the sport.

How fast did jenny finch pitch at the age of 5?

I think jennie finch pitched around 30 when she was 5

How far are the bases in softball?

it depends on the age group...

How aggressive is softball?

It all depends on the age group and type of team. Younger kids softball usually isn't all that competitive or aggressive. The older the age, the more aggressive the game. Travel softball is generally much more competitive than rec ball.

How far from mound to home plate?

That depends on the age group college and high school use a 43' distance in fast pitch.

How big is a slowpitch softball?

Generally for softball you use a 12 inch ball. The younger age groups will use an 11 inch ball.

What is a good age to start a girl in softball?

Maybe eight and a half.

How old do you have to be to play softball and voleyball?

I don't know about volleyball, but you can start softball at age 6 in most areas, sometimes earlier and sometimes later.

How fast did jennie finch pitch at 14 years old?

According to charts, Jennie Finch pitched at 62 mph at age 13