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Jennie started playing softball at the age of five, and started pitching at the age of eight.

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Q: What age did Jennie finch started playing softball?
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When did Jennie Finch start playing professional softball?

Jennie Finch started playing for the Chicago Bandits in 2005.

What is Jennie Finch's time-line?

1980: Jennie Finch was born 1985:Jennie started playing softball 1988:Jennie started pitching

What age did Jenny Finch start to play softball?

Jennie started playing softball at the age of five, and started pitching at the age of eight.

How old jennie finch was when she started her career?

she started playing softball when she was 5 years old and started pitching when she was 8 years old.

What is jennie finch's hobby?

her hobbies are playing softball and being with her kids

How many years has Jennie Finch been playing softball?

30 years

Who invented girls softball?

jennie finch

Did jennie finch get a softball scholarship?


What did jennie finch go to college for?


Where did Jennie Finch play?

Jennie Finch played softball at the University of Arizona. Jennie Finch played for the Chicago Bandits also, that was in Chicago, Illinois. Jennie Finch also played in the Olympics.

How did Jennie Finch make a difference in life?

Jennie Finch is considered one of the best softball players in the world. In fact my mit is a Jennie Finch mit. She of coursed made a difference in softball but depending on what softball means to you, is what she made a difference in. If you ask a football player "What does the great softball player Jennie Finch mean to you?" They would most likely say "Who?" Or "HUH?"

What sport did jennie finch play in the Olympics?


When did jennie finch become famous?

For her talent of softball

Famous people who have played softball in the Olympics?

Jennie Finch was in the softball Olympics

How long did jennie finch play softball?

she played softball for 20 years

What year did jennie finch graduate college?

Jennie Finch (Softball Player) graduated in the year of 2002 from University of Arizona.

Who is the best player of softball?

Jennie Finch is a pitcher and a model!

Who are some of the most famous softball players?

Jennie finch

Who is the most famous woman softball player?

jennie finch

Who is the worlds best softball pitcher?

Jennie Finch.......... DUUHHH!

Who does Jennie Finch play for?

The USA Olympic Softball Team

How many MVP awards has Jennie Finch won since her career started as a softball player for team USA?


What is Jenny Finch's full name?

The softball player? Her full name is Jennie Lynn Finch.

Who was the first woman softball player?

The first women to play softball was Jennie Finch in 1952.

Is jennie finch good at softball?

pretty much the best softball player and pitcher in the USA.