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Q: What age do you have to be to ref soccer?
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Is there an age limit for SG soccer cleats?

No there is not an age limit for wearing SG stud on your soccer cleats. Some refs might be picky because you can unscrew them and the ref doesn't a stud on the field.

When does the ref in a soccer game determine that it is over?

he has a watch

How can you get 500 dollars when age is 11?

You can do a overpriced lemonade stand, you can babysit, if you live in a town like mine you can be a little kid soccer ref

How much does a soccer ref make?

On average, you make 25 bucks refing rep soccer

Is netball judged?

Its not judge it has an umpire like how soccer has a ref

How many refEries ref a soccer game?

4 referies

How many referees are in a game of youth soccer?

3 ref.

Can a 15 year old ref a 19 year old girls soccer game?

yes just as long as you know what your doing because i had a younger kid ref my soccer game

What age Can a kid become a soccer ref?

You can begin to pea-we ref at the age of 12. But you can also ref at twelve for competive. At least in Northern Colorado you can. In MN you can become one at PSA at age 11. i know someone. in oxnard CA in AYSO you have to be a minimum of 12 but if ur 11 they will accept it because we hardly have any refs (im 11 and im a ref so i would no) buts thts only for U10 in U12 U14 U16 and so on you have to be older.

How do you ref a soccer game?

you do things like call throw in s and stuff

Are soccer linesmens signals for the players?

They're for everyone: the ref, players and the public.

What if the soccer ball goes in but bounces back is it a goal?

It is a goal but with England yesterday it is the luck of the ref.

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