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Shes always been swimmin'! even in the womb! justin&caitlin

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Q: What age did Caitlin McClatchey start swimming?
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At what age did Eamon Sullivan start swimming?

he started swimming at the age of 5

What age did Michael Phelps start swimming?

Michael Phelps began swimming at age 7 at the North Baltimore Swimming Club.

When did Annamay Pierse start swimming?

She started swimming when she was about 5 years of age.

When did Alicia coutts start swimming?

Alicia got into swimming at the age of just 18 months. At this age all she wanted to do was in her next door neighbour's swimming pool.

What age did Michael Phelps start to swim?

He started swimming at age 7.

What age did rebecca adlington start swimming in competons?

When she was 4 years of age!

What is swimming info for a child?

A child can start swimming at around the age of 3. It's easier for them to learn quickly and gives them something fun to do.

Is sixteen an okay age to start swimming?

Better late than never. Go for it.

What age is Caitlin mulholland?

Caitlin mulholland is 13. She is coming 14. Her brithday is on 31/7/1999

When did humans first start swimming?

Swimming has been recorded since prehistoric times; the earliest recording of swimming dates back to the Stone Age (in paintings) from around 7,000 years ago.

How old do you have to be to swim in the Olympics?

You can be at least 14 years of age! However, at that age, you have to be at top class and pass the Youth Academy and go up the world ladder. Normally, you can start swimming in the Olympiics at the age of 16. It depends on how your swimming progresses through the future.

Are Justin Bieber and Caitlin beadles the same age?


Is Justin Bieber oldder then Caitlin beadles?

no, they are the same age

At what age did michale phelps begin swimming?

He started swimming at the age of 8 yrs old.

What is a suitable age to start swimming?

A suitable age to start swimming depends on the individual child; however, by 14 months, a child can learn to swim. Technically a child can learn to swim before then, but to be safe 14 months is recommended. This way, the child's verbal skills have been developed enough to express or show signs of being uncomfortable in the water.

What age can an infant go swimming?

you can start taking your child to bubs classes from the age of 6mths. this is a good idea as you will learn ques that will teach your child to hold their breath underwater and also start them learning how to float to save themselves if they do fall into water.

How old was Caitlin who Justin Bieber was dating?

they're the same age...15

What is the maximum age limit for swimming in the Olympics?

There is no maximum age for competing at the Olympics - a long as you qualify for your national swimming team you can compete

Why was swimming created?

Swimming wasn't created for actually getting in the water and having races or splashing about but it was a way for the cave men of the stone age to stay clean and I guess the idea of swimming developed from there. Swimming has been recorded since prehistoric times, the earliest record of swimming of dates back to the Stone Age.

How old do you have to be to able to compete in swimming?

You can compete at swimming at a young age, I am 14 and have been swimming for 11 years and competing for 7/8 years. Lots of swimming clubs hold competitions for certain age groups. For instance an 8 year old would not be competing against a 12 year old. If you are talking about olympic swimming I'm not sure but the youngest age seems to be age 15, my friend is going to the paralympics in a few weeks and he is only 15 :) hope this helped

Can Caitlin beadles read?

I'm sure she can. Most people in America learn to read at a young age.

What age should a girl start wearing a bra?

There is no age for it. Some women never wear bras. Start wearing a bra when your breasts are becoming to heavy. If you have small breasts you may never need the nasty things. For swimming suits/ nakedness in public places, I would say, start covering it when the breasts become really visible.

How did Lisa curry-Kenny first start her swimming?

Lisa Curry-Kenny was a swimmer from an early age. At age 12, she was the fastest swimmer in her age group in the world. In 2008, she had a heart surgery operation to implant a defibrillator after being found to have an irregular heartbeat as a consequence of a viral infection.

Who Created the John Brotchie Pre-School Logo?

Her name is Caitlin and she made it when she was only 3 years of age!

Who is dating Caitlin mulvey?

don't think she' s dating anyone,quite right at her age ,a wonderfull actress ..