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6 in u/8s

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Q: What age can you become an AFL player?
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What is the average age of a professional AFL football player?

The "average age" of the AFL players listed in the 'firsts' teams would be somewhere between 22 and 28 years of age.

Who is the smallest AFL player in 2010?

The Smallest player in AFL (2010) is Brent Harvey (North Melbourne FootBall Club) The Tallest Player in AFL (2010) is Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle Football Club)

What is the average pay of a nrl an afl player?

Average pay NRL player = 150,000 Acerage pay AFL player = 250,000

When did VFL become AFL?


Who is the best AFL plyer?

the best player in afl is Garry ablet or chriss judd

What date did vfl become afl?

1989 - 1990 was the transition from VFL to AFL. The Collingwood football club won the first AFL premiership in 1990.

Who is the best afl player of all time?

The best AFL player of all time is a under 16's Jacana player, number 35 Brandon Shore

What is a docker?

A fremantle AFL player

Has any AFL player won 2 flags from 2 different AFL clubs?


When Shane Warne was a child did he want to be a AFL player?

He was an AFL player, he played for St Kilda in the under 19 reserves in 1987/1988

What skills do you need to become a afl player?

you need to know how to kick, tackle, mark, handball, shepherd, and lots of other things

Who was the last player to score 100 goals in an AFL season?

Lance Franklin in 2009 was the last player to score 100 goals in an AFL season

What is the minimum age to become a pro tennis player?

I believe you van become pro at age 14 or 15

Which AFL team is youngest in 2014?

The youngest AFL team in 2014 is the Western Bulldogs who have an average age of 23.

What is the average age of a professional football player?

28 For Aussie Rules - AFL players, it is believed to be between 22 and 28.

What fitness components are needed to become a AFL player?

cercle shoot dunk layup

When to become a pro golfer at what age?

A player can turn pro at any age.

Who is the lightest afl player?

Wink Simson

Who was the first aboriginal AFL player?

The first known player of Aboriginal descent to play at AFL level was Fitzroy's Joe Johnson, who played 55 games, including premierships in 1904 and 1905. In AFL history, only 148 players known to be of Aboriginal descent have played AFL football, but in 2005, there are 52 players of Aboriginal descent on AFL lists.

AFL Who kicked first supergoal-?

The first AFL player to kick the supergoal was Colm Begley of Brisbane Lions.

What age can you become a NBA player?

i think 16

Who is the youngest player to kick 50 goals in a afl season?

Chris Grant - during 1990 at 17 years of age, playing for Footscray Bulldogs

How do you become an afl player?

You have to Be good enough, take it serious, make an u/18 team and evantually (if your good enough), you will get noticed and drafted to a club.

What should you focus on to become a successful afl player?

To become an AFL player you must have a good physical size, superb agility, cardiovascular endurance, great running speed, passion for the sport, flexibility, strength, power, competitiveness, great kicking and passing ability, leadership, alertness to surrounding players, aggression, marking skillsand motivation to succeed.

How far does a midfield AFL player run in a game?

The average AFL midfielder will cover 10-13 miles in a game.