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the age you can kick a soccer ball thers farthest is when you are 18 years old because you are young and you kick far.

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Q: What age can kick a soccer ball the farthest?
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How far do you think a kid can kick a soccer ball?

Depends on how good the kid is. Soccer is about skill and talent...not age.

What size ball is used by youngsters starting out at six or seven years of age?

If you mean a soccer ball a size three or four.

What soccer ball should you get?

Most soccer balls are white with black panels. However, many balls come in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from solid, patternless balls to those with intricate swooshes and shapes. They can be of any color, so long as it contrasts from the background, i.e. the grass. Therefore, most soccer balls are brightly colored, and not green.

What improvements have been made to the soccer ball over the years?

well they used to use a "one size fits all" soccer ball but now they have different size soccer balls depending on what age group you are in. they also have been making soccer balls not out of leather but out of plastic/rubber so it doesn't hurt as much! hope this helped :)

Why are there different Soccer ball sizes?

mini's-training ball used to work on touch 2-5 sizes depends on your age what regulation ball is yours size 5 ages 12 and up

What is the physical development between 3-7 years of age?

stands and walks on tiptoecan kick a ball confidentlyjumps from low stepspefals a tricycle

What is Ashley Young known for?

Ashley Young is a english soccer player that is known for his pace shot, his amazing ability to kick and shoot and set pieces. He is extremely talented for his age.