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Sweet 16

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2007-05-28 23:15:13
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Q: What affectionate nickname do sportswriters reserve for the third round of March Madness?
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What affectionate nickname do sportswriters reserve for the second round of March Madness?

The second round you're thinking about is not the second round anymore. Those bright lights over at the NCAA now call the play-in games -- that the general public refers to as 'play-in games' -- the first round. That means the 'new' second round now has 64 teams. So the affectionate name sportswriters use for it is 'the first round.' We don't have all the answers at our site -- -- but we have fun with what we're doing.

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Yes...revaluation reserve is a part of capital reserve.

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The ground where tests are played is called the Basin Reserve. One dayers are played at Westpac stadium it's nickname is "the cake tin"

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who founded the federal reserve? who founded the federal reserve?

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