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u cradle it

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2011-03-08 22:44:28
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Q: What action do you use to keep the lacrosse ball in the stick?
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What do you do when there is a ground ball in lacrosse?

Get low to the ball and scoop through it with two hands on your stick, make sure you are low and stable so you can scoop and keep running.

Is girls lacrosse tougher than boys lacrosse?

It depends on what you mean by "tougher." Boys lacrosse is more aggressive and they are allowed to check the body as well as the stick. However, they wear a lot of padding and have a large pocket in the netting of their stick that makes it easier to keep the ball in. Only stick to stick checking is allowed in girls lacrosse, but the only protection they wear is a mouth guard and goggles and they do not have the large pocket advantage that boys do making it more difficult to maintain possession of the ball.

What is the point of the cradle in girls lacrosse?

to keep the ball

How do you throw a ball in lacrosse?

hold the bottom of the stick, put your other hand up the distance from ur elbow to the start of your fingers, bring the stick over your shoulder, keep your front elbow up, and make a throwing motion

Can girls hit in lacrosse?

no, they can not hit in lacrosse. girls are allowed to hit the stick only if it is above the shoulder. if you are playing on defense, you are allowed to push against the stick with your stick very slightly but you need to keep your arms out staright, no bending and then extending to push the other girl's stick. if you are fighting for a ball, you may use your botox to push the other girl away or your hips. no hands or legs or sticks.

What are some lacrosse terms?

middie- midfield player, can go anywhere attack- offensive player, stays on offense side cradle- moving the ball in your stick to keep it moving, and to prevent falling stick check- hitting the ball carrier's stick to gain your own possesion keeper- a nickname for a goalie head- the top of a players stick, where the ball is held shaft- the body of the stick, where grip and stability is THERE YOU GO, HERES SOME COMMON TERMS, I HOPE THESE HELP

What is one of the most important tips when scooping the ball off the ground in lacrosse?

keep your bottom hand low

What 3 rules which apply to the stick in field hockey?

you must hit the the ball with the flat side of the stick. you must keep the bottom of the stick below knee level when tackling you have to hit the ball and not the opponents stick

What are lacrosse pocket regulations?

For guys lacrosse, the ball cannot be below the sidewall at the very bottom. If it is, its illegal. So the head itself has a sidewall, and the lowest point on it is where the ball cannot below (depth-wise). Also, is you hold your stick straight up with a ball in it, and keep tilting is so the pocket would be upside down and the ball doesn't come out when its upside down, it's illegal. And if you put a ball in your pocket and tilt it so the scoop is parallel with the ground (about a 90 degree angle if touching the ground) and the ball doesn't come out then it's illegal. Also, you cannot have any rips in the mesh.

How do you keep score in lacrosse?

You score a point by throwing the ball in the net. to add on, there is a table that takes care of timing and score and all the logistics

What kind of sport is lacrosse?

In lacrosse, you have 3 defense, 3 attack, and like 4 midfielders. 1 person from each team starts off in the middle and does the draw. Then the midfielders try to get the ball and make it down the field toward their attack players. Where team A's attack players are standing, team B's defensemen are standing trying to prevent the ball from going into the goal, while the attack are trying to do just the opposite. The team with the most goals at the end, win. It helps to cradle the ball when running down the field. You do that by holding the stick with your dominant hand on top and you turn your wrist back and forth and run. Try to avoid defensemen and keep the ball and stick as close to your body as possible. Good luck! Lacrosse is my favorite and I'm sure you will love it too!

What is the best way to defend in lacrosse?

always stay low try to keep your visor at your opponents chin,the low man wins. keep you stick out in front the best check would probably be to lift their bottom hand because you can keep you stick there and not have to retract it everytime keep you hanf on their hip so that you can control where they move

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