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The Green Bay Packers wear the Green and Gold (or yellow).

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Q: What US football team has the team colors of yellow and green?
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What are Brazil's football team colors?

Yellow, green and blue

What football team has green and black for colors?

Green Bay,but there colors have green,black,yellow,and white if that answers the questionor there maybe no team with those colors...SORRY :(

What are the colors of the football team for roger Williams university?

yellow and green since 1935

What is the Green Bay Packers team colors?

Yellow and green.

What is Green Bay Packers team colors?

green and chrome yellow

What are Australia's football team's colors?

Green and gold.

What are the team colors of the Brazil soccer team?

blue green and yellow

What football team plays in yellow and green?


What are the team colors?

green yellow red blue orange

What college football team has yellow and blue colors?

Michigan University

What are the colours of the Zimbabwean national football team?

They are yellow and green.

What is the color for the college football team in Oregon?

yellow and green!

What are the team colors for Super Bowl XLV?

there's yellow,black,white and green.the uniform colors for green bay are green,yellow and white.the Pittsburgh pirates have the colors yellow,black and white.

What is Ghana's team colors?

Red,yellow and green and the star is black

What American football team color is green and white?

The NY Jet's colors are green and white

What are the colors of Ireland's soccer team?

The Irish Football Team's National and Team colours are Green (Main) Orange and White...

What are the two colors of the home team in the super bowl 2011?

The Green Bay Packers wear green and yellow.

What is the Jets football team mascot and colors?

The New York Jets don't have a mascot, but their colors are hunter green and white.

What are the team colors of the Mexican soccer team?

The team colours of the mexican football team are based on the Mexican flag. These are White, Red and Green, although Green usually dominates the jerseys.

Which college football team had the ugliest uniforms?

Definitely Oregon. Why, because they have jerseys that don't even have their colors. Their really ugly jerseys are lime green and bright yellow, black and silver, foggy black and yellow, yellow and black and the list just go's on.

What are Brazil's football team colours?

Brazil wears yellow jerseys with either green or blue shorts

What are the team colors for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The team colors for the Philadelphia Eagles are currently midnight green, black, silver, and white. Previous color schemes included kelly green instead of midnight green, and yellow and blue for a 75th anniversary game in 2007. Current team colors of the Philadelphia Eagles are Midnight Green, Black, White and Silver.

The name of the French Football Team?

the colors of the french football team is blue

What shall you call your fantasy football team?

the bees because it sounds cool and its in yellow and black i like those colors

What football team does lil Wayne support?

He Likes Green Bay Packer He Made A Song about Go To put green&Yellow