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One club that has not has not played in the World Series is the Seattle Mariners.

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The Nationals have not made it to the playoffs in their current city.

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Q: What US baseball teams have never made it to the playoffs?
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Teams that never made the playoffs?

Houston Texans has never made the NFL Playoffs.

Which Major League Baseball baseball team has never made the playoffs?

With the Tampa Bay Rays making the playoffs in the 2008 season, all MLB teams have made the playoffs at least one time.

Which NBA teams have never made the playoffs?


What teams in baseball have never been to a playoff series?

Now that Tampa has made the playoffs, every single MLB team has made the playoffs at some point in its history, although Washington hasn't made the playoffs since they moved to DC; their last playoff appearance was in 1981 as the Montreal Expos.

What teams have never won the playoffs?

The Clippers, Nuggets,T-Wolves,Hornets,Raptors, Bobcats and Grizzles. Have never made it to an NBA finals

What NBA teams made the playoffs with losing records?

What NBA teams made the playoffs with more loses than wins

Is the NHL playoffs fair?

Yes the NHL playoffs are fair. The top 8 teams in each conference make it to the playoffs. It doesn't matter what team your own, it just matters if you made the top 8 teams. The playoffs are completely fair.

What NBA teams have made playoffs with losing records?

The bad ones?

What NBA teams made playoffs with losing record?

The bad ones?

What NFL teams lost their first three games and made the playoffs?


Which NHL teams have made the playoffs every year since the lockout?


How many times have the Houston Texans gone to the super bowl?

Through the 2010 National Football League season, the Houston Texans are one of four teams that have never played in a Super Bowl. The three other teams are the Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions and the Jacksonville Jaguars.