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There are a lot that never started at USC, if you mean QBs that went to NFL without starting at USC then Matt Cassel is one.

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Q: What USC quarterbacks never started for USC?
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Who was the quarterback for the 1975 USC Trojans?

Three Quarterbacks started for USC Football in 1975. Vince Evans started in 8 games, Rob Hertel started in 4, and Mike Sanford started in 1.

While Matt Cassel was on the USC Football team which Quarterbacks started the New England?

Tom Brady

Who are usc's former quarterbacks?

Mark Sanchez

Who are the USC quarterbacks?

Matt Barkley and Aaron Corp.

What college has produced the most super bowl quarterbacks?


How many former USC quarterbacks have won Super Bowls?

None. ---- Through Super Bowl XLIII, no USC QB has started a Super Bowl and won ... no USC QB has started a Super Bowl and lost, either. The only USC QB with a Super Bowl ring is Rob Johnson who was the backup QB to Brad Johnson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl XXXVII. He did not play in the game.

When was USC started?

USC was started in 1880! Fight on Trojans!:)

What Former usc quarterbacks that played in the NFL?

Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart.

What NFL team does Blake Mitchell play for?

None, USC Quarterbacks do not make it in the NFL.

How many second year quarterbacks have started and won the super bowl?

Three quarterbacks have started and won the Super Bowl.

Former USC Super Bowl quarterbacks?

Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, and Matt Leinart.

What usc quarterbacks played in the NFL?

Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart. Rudy Bukich.

Usc quarterbacks in nfl?

Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart, John David Booty.

What quarterbacks have started playoff games with different teams?

There are dozens of quarterbacks that have started playoff games with different teams. Two are Brett Favre and Chad Pennington.

What quarterbacks played for USC in the 1980s?

Todd Marinovich, Rodney Peete, Sean Salisbury, Scott Tinsley, John Mazur

Who are USC quarterbacks to play in NFL postseason?

Haden, Sanchez, Palmer, Peete, Booty, Marinovich, Leinhart, Salisbury, Beathard,

How many rookie quarterbacks started in 2010?


Which 10 USC quarterbacks have started in an NFL playoff game?

Tom Brady,Brett Favre,Payton Manning,Tony Romo,Kurt Warner,Eli Manning,Randy Moss,Matt Cassel,Steven Moss,Mark Ocho

How many rookie quarterbacks have started in a Super Bowl?


How many quarterbacks started playoff games with the Denver Broncos?


Has the university of Alabama ever started a black quarterback?

Yes. The University has started four black quarterbacks throughout the school's history. These quarterbacks were Walter Lewis, Vince Sutton, Andrew Zow, and Danny Woodson.

How many quarterbacks have started for Buffalo Bills since Jim Kelly?


What two brothers started on the same day as quarterbacks in the nfl?

the Barber twins

What are the names of the patriots quarterbacks that started in the Super Bowl?

Steve Grogan, Drew Bledsoe, and Tom Brady (who has started in 4)

What quarterbacks has never been sacked in college football?

Tim Harland

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