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Q: What Tour Le France riders have quit?
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How many riders are there in le tour de France 2009?

There were 199 riders starting the 2009 tour.

Who competes in de tour le France race?

Professional riders arranged in teams.

When will Jesper de Hoog participate in Le Tour de France?

First condition in order to participate in Tour de France, you will have to be part of a Pro Tour team (UCI licensed) or a team that recives a wildcard invitation from the organisation. Second condition is that you must be selected as one of the 9 riders of the team. For De Hoog it will be necessary to be part of a Pro Tour team. Then there are chances to participate in Le Tour.

What actors and actresses appeared in Le Tour de France - 2012?

The cast of Le Tour de France - 2012 includes: Maxime Aubrun as Le neveu

How do you say Tour de France on TV?

"Tour de France on TV" is "(le) Tour de France à la télévision" in French.

Who won Le Tour De France 1932?

André Leducq, France, won the 1932 Tour de France

What is the name of the famous cross-France bike ride held every year?

Le tour de France

Le tour de France information?

Try the offical Tour de France website

Who won Le Tour De France 1986?

Greg Le Mond

How many summit finishes are there in le tour de France?

There are eight summit finishes in the Tour de France.

What year was the very first le tour the France?

The first Tour de France took place in 1903.

What are the world famous tour operators?

le France