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Super Bowl VI as a backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Q: What Super Bowl did Craig Morton win?
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Who were the starting quarterbacks for cowboys in their Super Bowls?

Super Bowl V (Loss) - Craig Morton Super Bowl VI (Win) - Roger Staubach Super Bowl X (Loss) - Roger Staubach Super Bowl XII (Win) - Roger Staubach (Craig Morton, Cowboy starter in SB V, was the opposing QB) Super Bowl XIII (Loss) - Roger Staubach Super Bowl XXVII (Win) - Troy Aikman Super Bowl XXVIII (Win) - Troy Aikman Super Bowl XXX (Win) - Troy Aikman

Did Craig Morton win both Super Bowls?

No. Morton and the Cowboys lost to the Colts 16-13 in Super Bowl V and Morton and the Broncos lost to the Cowboys (ironic twist) in 27-10 Super Bowl XII.

What super bowl quarterbacks wore number 7?

Ben Roethlisberger, John Elway and Joe Theisman are the only QBs to win a Super Bowl wearing number 7. Losing performances have been put in by Boomer Esiason, Ron Jaworski and Craig Morton. In_My_Tree888

Did the saints win the Super Bowl?

Yes, they did win the super bowl. In 2009!

Who is the only quarterback to win NFC and AFC championships?

Craig Morton

Did the Altanta Falcons ever win a Super Bowl?

They have yet to win a Super Bowl.

Did the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl?

The Bengals have yet to win a Super bowl.

Can the titans win a Super Bowl?

Yes. They are a good team and can win a Super Bowl.

Did archy manning win Super Bowl?

Archie Manning did not win a Super Bowl.

Can the Titans win the super bowl?

Yes. They are a good team and can win a Super Bowl.

Can the Texans win a Super Bowl?

Yes. They are a strong team and can win a Super Bowl.

Can the Browns win a Super Bowl?

No. The Packers will beat Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl,so Green will win the 2011 Super Bowl.

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