Did the eagles win their first Super Bowl?

Updated: 8/17/2021
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Despite appearances in Super Bowl XV and Super Bowl XXXIX, the Eagles have yet to win the title game.

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Q: Did the eagles win their first Super Bowl?
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Have the Eagles played in a Super Bowl?

Twice: Super Bowls XV and XXXIX. The Eagles have yet to win a Super Bowl championship.

Will eagles win Super Bowl 44?


Who will win the Super Bowl eagles?

It will be theBEARS

When have the eagles ever been to a Super Bowl?

as an eagles fan i hope super bowl 45 we go and win our first super bowl that be nice also because itd be for the 2010 season and that's a nice even number to set your first super bowl win but either way any year i hope we will win one, if the Saints can do it we can to -Cody Kirk, Elkton, Maryland 2/25/2010

Will the Philadelphia Eagles win the 2005 Super Bowl?

I am afraid to admit it but the Philadelphia Eagles are the better team. They will win the Super Bowl and win by more than 7 points. The New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21 in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Did eagles win Super Bowl in 1960's?

The Philadelphia Eagles have never won a super bowl. In 1960 they won the NFL Championship, the predecessor the Super Bowl.

What do the eagles want most?

to win a super bowl

Why cant the eagles win a Super Bowl?

they will this year

Did the Philadelphia Eagles ever win the super bowl?


Will the Philadelphia Eagles win Super Bowl 44?


Have theEagles win the Super Bowl?

No. The Philadelphia Eagles have not won a Super Bowl in two Appearances,

Who were the first NFL Wild-Card team to win the Super Bowl?

1980 Oakland Raiders that won Super Bowl XV over the Eagles.