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  • Walker Cooper (1941-1945)
  • Dick Sisler (1946-1947, 1952)
  • Bill Baker (1948-1949)
  • Johnny Bucha (1950)
  • Dick Cole (1951)
  • Fred Marolewski (1953)
  • Bill Sarni (1954-1955)
  • Ray Katt (1956)
  • Bobby Gene Smith (1957-1958)
  • Tim McCarver (1959-1969, 1973-1974)
  • Dick Allen (1970)
  • Jerry McNertney (1971-1972)
  • Ron Fairly (1975-1976)
  • Benny Ayala (1977)
  • Darrell Porter (1981-1985)
  • Jim Lindeman (1986-1989)
  • Dave Collins (1990)
  • Gerald Young (1994)
  • Jim Edmonds (2000-2007)
  • Matt Holiday (2009)
  • Rafeal Furcal (2011-)
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1990-1992: Milt Thompson

1993-1994: Gregg Jefferies

1995: Tim Hulett

1997-1999: Mark McGwire

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None The last pitcher to wear #25 for the Cardinals was Morrie Martin in 1958.

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Q: What St Louis Cardinal pitcher wore 25 in the last 25 years?
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Pitcher Mark Mulder in the 2008 season. Newly acquired pitcher John Smoltz is scheduled to wear #30 in 2009.

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Joe Medwick was the last St. Louis Cardinal to win the Triple Crown in hitting. In 1937 Medwick hit .374, had 31 home runs, and 154 RBIs.

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As of September 20, 2008 that was Bud Smith who no hit the Padres and won, 4-0, on September 3, 2001.

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It was predicted that the Saint Louis Arch would last more than 100 years. As of 2014, the arch is about 45 years old.

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