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real madrid

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Q: What Spanish club has won the most European trophies and number of times won?
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How many European championships have barcalona won?

They have won the European cup/ champions league 4 times, the European cup winners cup (now called UEFA cup) 4 times, and the UEFA Super Cup 4 times, for a total of 12 European trophies.

How many trophies has Everton F.C. won?

These are the national and international trophies Everton Football Club have won throughout their history. First Division/Premier League - 9 times Second Division - Once FA Cup - 5 times League Cup - Once FA Charity Shield - 9 times European Cup Winners Cup/Champions league - Once That's a total of 26 national and international trophies, but Everton have won a number of local and friendly tournaments also.

How many trophies have aberdeen won with Alex Ferguson?

Aberdeen won nine trophies with Sir Alex. They won the League 3 times, the Scottish cups a total of 5 times. They also became the third ever Scottish team to win a European cup when they beat Real Madrid in the '83 final of the Cup Winners' Cup

How many trophies has Man city won?

109 times

What is a nineteen digit number called?

This will be some number times 10^18, which depending on what system you use (American or European) it will be either quintillion (American) or trillion (European).

What trophies did Pele win?

Pele won the world cup three times, the only man to do it. He won many trophies with Santos as well.

How many trophies has bayern munich ever won?

11 times

How many trophies has Germany won?

We have won the world cup three times.

How many UEFA approved trophies has Real Madrid won?

2 times

How many trophies have Manchester united won since 2000?

9 times

How many championships does real Madrid have?

Real Madrid have a big cabinet after winning many championships. Here is there list of the mayor trophies: La Liga (Spanish League): 31 Times Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup): 17 Times Supercopa de España: 8 Times Champions League: 9 Times Europa League: 2 Times UEFA Super Cup: 1 Time Olly11

Who has more trophies Barcelona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid have won more total of trophies compared to Barcelona . Real have won the La Liga 31 times.

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