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The throwing rules are that if you throw it to high, to low, to far to the side or if you hit the bowler it is classed as a no ball this is decided by the Bowling umpire and the batting umpire

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Q: What Rules of batting the ball in rounders?
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In rounders what happens if you step out of the batting box on a no ball are you out?

If a batter hits a ball fair or foul while either foot is touching the ground completely outside the lines of the batter's box or while touching the plate. The ball becomes dead immediately. The batter is out.

What do Gaelic Rounders bats look like?

Rounders bats are similar to baseball bats but are slightly lighter than their American cousins. The rules are similar with the exceptions being that the ball is thrown under arm and that the ball itself is similar to a tennis ball. In fact Tennis balls are often used in rounders.

The rules of rounders?

Rounders is a game which involves two teams, a bat, a ball and 'bases' The four bases are set out in a square shape. One team stands behind the first base, these are known as 'batters' Each person takes a shot at hitting the ball and running to base. depending on the distance you hit the ball, depends how far you can run. far away hit = home run the second team are 'catchers'. Their aim is to catch the ball, pass it to the person nearest the base a batter is running to, if the person with the ball in their hand touches the base before the batter, the batter is out. You are allowed to lose 3 players before the batters and catchers swap places.

What is the right technique for batting in rounders?

Hit the ball as far as you can without being caught and then run

What are the rules of bowling in rounders?

A bowler is apart of the fielding team. They must aim to throw the ball at the opponents bat in order for them to hit it out.