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The throwing rules are that if you throw it to high, to low, to far to the side or if you hit the bowler it is classed as a no ball this is decided by the Bowling umpire and the batting umpire

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Q: What Rules of batting the ball in rounders?
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What happens when you break the rules in a game of rounders?

Certain penalties will be incurred depending on which rules are broken.

What do Gaelic Rounders bats look like?

Rounders bats are similar to baseball bats but are slightly lighter than their American cousins. The rules are similar with the exceptions being that the ball is thrown under arm and that the ball itself is similar to a tennis ball. In fact Tennis balls are often used in rounders.

What is the right technique for batting in rounders?

Hit the ball as far as you can without being caught and then run

What are the tactics in rounders?

there are many ways to use tactics in rounders one of which if hitting the ball backhand also looking for a space to hit the ball intowell that's a great question, well you need to throw the ball up straight up and touch dohy

How do you hit the ball in rounders?

How to Win a Game of Rounders Winning a game of Rounders means your team has scored the most points at the end of a predetermined number of innings (usually two). Note: Rounders game rules would award the victory to the team with the most Rounders (whole points) if the game ends in a tie.

How many rules are there in rounders?


What is the backward area in rounders?

A backward hit in rounders is when the batter hits the ball backwards and it goes behind the batting section. The batter can take the first post when this happens but can not go further until the ball is back in play.

When are you out in rounders?

You are out in rounders when either you get stumped or someone catches you out when you hit the ball.

What sanctions can be given for rounders?

the sanction that is given for the rounders is that give that team chances to ball again

What equipment do you need for rounders?

you need a -ball -bat -posts

Where was rounders originated from?

Rounders was originated in England, the first game was played in 1884 first with formalised rules.

What is a rounders ball made of?

soft plastic?