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The last Boston Red Sox player to bat .400 or more was Ted Williams in 1941.

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Q: What Red Sox player was the last to have at least a 400 batting average?
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The last Red Sox player to have a 400 batting average?

Ted Williams

Who was the last player to post a season batting average as high as 406?

Ted Williams

When was the last time an MLB player had a season batter had a batting average of 350 or better?

2010 - Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers a batting average of .359

Who was the last player in MLB to finish the season with a over 400 batting average?

The last batter to hit over .400 was Ted Williams.

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Who was the last player in Major league baseball to have batting average over 400 for the season?

ty cobbCorrect answer:Ty Cobb last hit .400 in 1922, George Sisler and Roger Hornsby also hit .400 that year. The last player to hit .400 was Ted Williams in 1941 with a .406 average

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Carl Yastrzemski in 1967 He hit 44 home runs, 121 runs batted in, and had a .326 batting average

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