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He is the Daycare Guy- he takes care of your Pokemon for a small fee

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Q: What Pokemon Center Is the old guy with the beardin Pokemon diamond?
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Where is the newspaper guy in pokemon diamond?

go to solaceon town and left of Pokemon center

Where can you find the newspaper guy in Pokemon diamond?

In the house on the right of the pokemon center in solacean town

Which Pokemon center do you go to find the green gay in diamond?

in any Pokemon center you will find the green guy. only after you have recived a mystery gift

Where do you find the news guy on Pokemon diamond?

One place is in Jubilife City. The other is in Solecean Town, next to the Pokemon Center.

In Pokemon diamond what Pokemon is in the egg from the guy in Hearthhome?


How do you find a gray guy in Pokemon diamond?

Define 'gray guy', there are lots of special characters in Diamond

What Pokemon comes out of the egg in Pokemon diamond when the guy gives it to you?


Where is the article man in diamond?

When you say the article man, do you mean the guy who wants you to find a certain Pokemon for him? If you do, then he is in a house in solaceon town, I think it is adjacent to the Pokemon Center. Hope this helps

How do you get five eggs in Pokemon diamond?

go to day care center What the other guy said but you have to wait longer and when the guy gaces the street you know he has an egg ( unless you talk to him faceing that way)

Where is the name deleter on Pokemon Diamond?

He is in the Ground floor of the apartment complex of Eterna City. (The Old Guy) it is in the 2nd or 3rd house at the botom of the Pokemon center in canalave city

Who do you speak to once you have all the coupons for the pokewatchin Pokemon diamond?

Once you enter the city there is a guy who will ask you to get all the coupons. You will give them to the same guy. I think he is close to the Pokemon center. I know he is just kind of in the middle of the street. Hope that helps

Where is the nicknames pokemon guy in Pokemon Diamond?

he is in jublife. if i am wrong someone else will provide an answer

How do you get that green guy in the shop in Pokemon diamond?

by having a action replay ds

Do you need rock climb to get to the footprint guy in Pokemon diamond?


Can you delete moves on Pokemon diamond?

go to the guy in Canalave City the house by the pokemart (diamond and pearl)

In Pokemon anime what is the name of the yellow hair guy?

The name of the "yellow haired" guy is Barry if you are talking about Pokemon diamond and pearl series.

Who is the guy you see at battle park called on Pokemon diamond?


Who is the guy who runs into you at the battle tower in Pokemon Diamond?

Your rivals dad.

Where is the rare candie guy on Pokemon diamond?

there is no rare candy guy but you can buy some at battle park

What do I do after I answer the guy's questions to get a wonder card in Pokemon diamond?

go to the Pokemon league and get a job

Where is the Move Tutor Person that you give a Heart Scale to in Pokemon Diamond?

Pastoria City. From the Pokemon Center go west a little bit then south. You should see a guy on the edge of the water after going East a little bit. The house directly north of this guy has the Move Tutor in it.

Where is the guy in dewford you make a trendey saying?

in the Pokemon center

What do you do when you have a skull fossil in Pokemon diamond?

take it to oreburg and talk to the guy in the museum

How do you get to veilstone city in Pokemon diamond?

catch dialga`then that fat guy will move

Were is the guy in the green suit in Pokemon diamond?

in any pokemart near the counter.