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Well if you have never played Ultimate Frisbee I think you should try it out, I play with my buds, it's real fun.

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Q: What PE games are similar to frisbee?
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What pe games for sixth graders are played?

Hockey, kickball, clean your room, pacman, Frisbee, football, tag, basket ball, softball,baseball and more

What are other names of frisbee?

Other names for the frisbee include, "bee" and "disc".

What do Frisbee and video games have in common?

Both the frisbee and video games are used for recreational purposes, and in some cases can increase your skills in a certain area: frisbee improves your catching and throwing abilities, while brain training games improve your mental abilities and other types of games can improve your reactions.

What sports is soccer similar too?

hockey, ice hockey, rugby, frisbee,

What games can you play with your dog?

if its trained you can play ball or Frisbee

What are games you can play at a cookout in September?

Frisbee, football, catch.

How is the field arranged what does it resemble in ultimate frisbee?

The field in ultimate frisbee is similar to the one of American football. There are two endzones and one large play area in between.

What word can be formed with these letters AEIORBE?

The word is aerobie (aring used for recreation similar to a Frisbee).

What is Frisbee in French?

"Frisbee" is Frisbee in French because Frisbee is a trademark name.

How do you enjoy PE?

Participate in the games and stuff

What games can you play with your dog to exercise it?

Frisbee, Fetch, chase, simple walk in the park,

What do you do at pe?

you excersize and play games and learn about the heart.