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diving china won 25 gold medals

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Q: What Olympics sports is China famous for?
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What are the sports in China?

yes, because in the Olympics their are teams from china

What is China's best sports in the Olympics?

ping pong

How many athletes do china have competing in the 2012 Olympics?

China has 396 athletes competing in 23 sports; equestrianism, football and handball are the only sports for which China has no representation in the 2012 Olympics.

Who is the famous sports person of china?

Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, and Li Ning are famous sports people in china.

How many china competitors in 2012 Olympics?

There are a total of 380 competitors in 23 sports competing for China at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

How many sports are china taking part in the Olympics?

eating poo

What are some famous sports from ancient china?


What is the famous sports in Tokyo?

some of the sports arefootball(soccer)baseballbasketballvolleyballrugbytennisand they also like to participate in the Olympics

What is Beijing famous for?

it is the capital of china and the 2008 summer olympics was held there

What are the famous sports brands in China?

Li Ning Erke

How many athletes from China compete in the 2004 Olympics?

According to, 407 athletes competed in 26 sports for China. Click on the 'China at the 2004 Summer Olympics' link below for more information.

Did the Olympics fix the games by putting the game events the USA are best at while china is not so they could overtake china in the medal score?

Ridiculous question, The Olympics host a variety of sports of which all countries are able to field athletes in. The sports are chosen based upon world delegates chosing these sports to be played at the Olympics.

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