What Olympics is going in this year?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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It's going to be winter Olympics and it's happening in Vancouver, Canada.

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Q: What Olympics is going in this year?
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What year is the London Olympics going to be?


How does Apolo Anton Ohno feel going into this year's Olympics?

Apolo Anton Ohno feels very proud of himself going into this year's Olympics.

Where are the summer Olympics going to be held this year?


Who is going to play at the Olympics this year?

one direction

Where are the 2011 Olympics going to be held?

They wernt held in that year.

When is the Olympics going to end?

26th june next year

Why is the Olympics held in Landon this year?

The Olympics is being held in London this year, because it was voted to be the host city after submitting to the Olympics board. This is also the same reason why Brazil is going to host the Olympics in 2016.

Where is next year's Olympic going to be?

Summer Olympics(2012)-London,EnglandWinter Olympics(2010)-Vancaouver,BC

What are the Olympic games going to be played at Olympics in 2008?

That was last year in Beijing. Google "Beijing Olympics 2008"

What year did the modern Olympics end?

l think it is still going

How many softball events are in the Olympics?

saddly the year of 2008 they had the final fastpitch Olympics games for now there is a act going on to bring softball back into the Olympics.

Why were there no Winter Olympics held in 2004?

Because it was an off year. Clarification: there are winter Olympics every 4 years. in this case the last one was in 2002. so the only Olympics going on were summer Olympics