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There's an event called the Pentathlon which has 5 different contests.

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Q: What Olympic sport made up of 5 different sports?
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What are sports balls made of?

They are made from lots of different materials which vary from one sport to another.

Which three sports made their first appearance at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games?

The sports which made their Olympic bow in the 2000 Games were Triathlon, Trampolining and Taekwondo (having previously been a demonstration sport). There was also the addition of weightlifting for women, this having already been a medal sport for men.

How did gymnastics become an Olympic sport?

it started out from the Greeks with their training for warriors and it got so popular after that. people noticed how much strength this sport has and agility they finally made it an official olympic sport, since then its one of the most popular sports out there.

Who made the rules for the Olympics?

Rules for individual sports are made by the governing body of that sport. The rules may be adapted for the Olympic format by the Olympic committee. Rules directly relevant to the Olympics are also decided by the IOC, the International Olympic Committee.

Golf was confirmed as a global sport when it was made an Olympic sport in what year?


Who made volleyball an olympic sport?

William.g Morgan

When was the olympic sport snowboard cross made?


Who made swimming an olympic sport?

Peter Dean

When was volleyball recognized as an Olympic sport?

Volleyball was first made an Olympic sport in 1964. For more information, check this site: Hope this helps! Dr. B.yes it started in 1987

What sports made soccer?


When was skeet shooting made a sport?

Skeet was invented in the 1920s and it became an Olympic sport in 1968.

What are sport balls made out of?

It depends. What sports ball?

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