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David Bruton

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โˆ™ 2009-11-05 01:44:20
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Q: What Notre Dame all American Football player lettered in football baseball track basketball?
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Where does NFL rank among popular sports?

all time its Baseball, football, American football, basketball, tennis for right now its Football, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis if there is a lockout for football it will be Baseball, football, basketball, tennis, hockey, cricket, croquet, then American football.

What was the number 1 US sport in 2007?

Football (American football) - followed by baseball and basketball

What are Californias popular sports?

Baseball, Basketball, and American Football.

Hockey baseball basketball football which is the oldest?

Baseball is then Basketball then hockey and then football.

What are the popular sports in US?

Football (American), Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey.

Is basketball more popular than football?

Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

What is the main sports played in the US?

basketball, American football, baseball, soccer/football at lower levels, ice hockey

What sport was invented first football basketball or baseball?


What are three types of sports?

football, american football and tennis + basketball

What sports did nate Robinson play in college?

football baseball basketball track

What are the very important sports in the US of America?

American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and NASCAR. The rank of popularity lower than football depends on the demographic, but american football is the most popular.

What are the most famous sports in U.s.a?

baseball,basketball,american football,ice hockey

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