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The Brooklyn Dodgers of the early 1950s.

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Q: What National League baseball team did Roger Khan dub the Boys of Summer?
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Who declares the rules in the national football league?

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What major league baseball team did Roger Clemens reveal his signing to on May62007?


Who was the National League's starting pitcher in the 2004 all-star game?

Roger Clemens of the Houston Astros.

Most home runs hit in a game by a little league baseball player?

roger miller

Who was the first Major League baseball player to hit 61 home runs in a season?

roger maris

When was Roger Williams National Memorial created?

Roger Williams National Memorial was created in 1965.

What baseball records does Roger clemens hold?

Most American League Cy Young awards. Clemens has 7.

Who won the NL Cy Young Award in 2004?

The 2004 National League Cy Young Award winner was Roger Clemens.

Who exactly is Roger Staubach?

Roger Staubach is a former National Football League quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys and won two Super Bowl victories with the Dallas Cowboys: VI and XII.

Which professional baseball team did roger maris play for?

The professional Major League Baseball teams that Roger Maris played for were the Cleveland Indians, the Kansas City Athletics, the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals.

What is Roger Maris most noted for?

Roger Maris is most noted for being a Major League Baseball player. He was a right fielder. He was known for being an American League Most Valuable Player, All Star and a Gold Glove winner.

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In Major League Baseball, that was Roger Maris with 61 in 1961.

What Major League Baseball player holds the Major League Baseball single season home run record before 1994?

If you're talking about the Modern Era (1900 to present) then it would be Roger Maris.

When was Roger Machado - baseball - born?

Roger Machado - baseball - was born in 1974.

Cy young winner in 1991?

The 1991 National League Cy Young Award winner was Tom Glavine. The 1991 American League Cy Young Award winner was Roger Clemens.

Who was the first to lead the National League in batting?

Well, the National League actually started in 1876 not 1885, but I will give you both. In 1876 Ross Barnes of the Chicago WhiteStockings batted .429 and in 1885, Roger Connor of the New York Giants batted .371.

Are there any Major League Baseball fields that have synthetic grass?

Yes, there are currently two major league fields that still use artificial grass: Tropicana Field and Roger's Centre.

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