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All teams do mostly for dirt bike races and quad races etc.

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Q: What NHL team does not share a stadium with any other sport?
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Does every sport or team have there own field or stadium?

If it is for the school's sport team, not all have their own field or stadium.

Do you Jets and Giants NFL team share the same stadium?

The Jest and the Giants share the same stadium.

Why do the New York Jets and the New York Giants share a stadium?

Because no separate stadium is available for one or the other team.

Where is the millennium stadium and what sport is played there?

The stadium is located in Cardiff, Wales. It is used for the Wales national rugby team. The stadium is also often used by the Wales National Football Team.

What sport does the Lincoln Financial Field host?

Lincoln Financial Field is the home stadium for the Philadelphia Eagles National League football team. This stadium has been their official home stadium since 2003.

What is the home stadium of the football team Torpedo Moscow?

The home stadium of the football team Torpedo Moscow is Luzhniki Stadium, this stadium also hosts a variety of other sporting events. Luzhniki stadium is based in Moscow, Russia and is the biggest sports stadium in Russia.

What is the name of the Dolphins football team home?

The Miami Dolphins team home is Dolphins Stadium. The stadium went by other names: Pro Player Stadium (1997-2004) and Joe Robbie Stadium (1987-1996).

Difference between group team sport and individual team sport?

A team sport involved playing a sport with teammates such as baseball and socccer, because there are other people on your team. An individual sport like golf or singles tennis is just you playing by yourself against another individual.

What is the correct definiton for individual team sport?

Team sport is a group of people who compete together to win. Individual sport is when the competition is 1 vs 1. Individual team sport is when two people compete against each other to win a point or match for their team. Tennis is an individual sport but it becomes a team sport when multiple individuals come together.

Which club share their training ground with England football team? That would be Chelsea.. the England national football team has Wembley Stadium as their 'Home Stadium' The other answer is incorrect. The England football team use Arsenal FC's training ground at London Colney in Hertfordshire just north of London.

What sport is played in Kentucky?

The University of Kentucky has a better basketball team than its football team. The other major "sport" is thoroughbred racing.

Is curling an individual sport or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

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