What NHL team does Travis Zajac play for?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Travis Zajac plays for the New Jersey Devils.

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Q: What NHL team does Travis Zajac play for?
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How tall is Travis Zajac?

NHL player Travis Zajac is 6'-03''.

Does Travis Zajac shoot right or left?

NHL player Travis Zajac shoots right.

How much does Travis Zajac weigh?

NHL player Travis Zajac weighs 205 pounds.

What NHL team does Travis Moen play for?

Travis Moen plays for the Montreal Canadiens.

What NHL team does Travis Morin play for?

Travis Morin plays for the Dallas Stars.

What NHL team does Travis Hamonic play for?

Travis Hamonic plays for the New York Islanders.

When did Travis Zajac start playing hockey?

Since his father played hockey in college, I would imagine that Travis Zajac started playing hockey at a very young age. As far as playing in the NHL, his first NHL game was playing for the New Jersey Devils on October 6, 2006 against the Carolina Hurricanes.

How do you be in the nhl?

You get drafted by game scouts. They give you a chance to play on their AHL team and if they like what they see, you will soon get a chance to play in their nhl team.

Who does Scott Hartnell Play for in the NHL?

the worst team in the NHL, the garbage flyers, who suck

What NHL team plays in Washington?

The Washington Capitals play in Washington DC. There is no NHL team that plays in the state of Washington.

On nhl 07 how do you play your created team?

you cant !

What team in the NHL does chara play for?

The Boston Bruins