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Jay North by the Buffalo Sabres

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Q: What NHL players were drafted directly from high school to the NHL?
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How many current nfl players that did not attend college are playing today?

Zero...the NFL does not draft players directly out of high school, to be drafted you must be at least 2 years out of high school. The youngest player ever to get drafted was Amobi Akoye, 19, in 2007 as a junior.

Can an NBA player get drafted directly out of high school?


Do you need to go to collage to play baseball?

No. Attending college is not a requirement. Players are drafted from both high school and college. Some players drafted in high school choose to attend college in an effort to get into a lower draft round. Typically, the lower the draft round, the more money the player makes. Also, some players not drafted in high school attend college in hopes of being drafted.

How many NH high school division 3 baseball players were drafted by colleges?


Do you need to play hockey in high school to be drafted?

The great majority of players drafted do not play high school hockey. Rather, they play in the junior leagues such as the OHL, WHL, and QMJHL. The player would have to play somewhere during high school. Just not necessarily for a high school team.

How many high school baseball players were drafted in the 2010 major league baseball draft?


List of high school baseball players drafted in 2009 draft?

That can be found at

Who was NBA bill willoughby?

One of the first two NBA players to be drafted after high school. He was selected by the Atlanta hawks in 1975.

Do you have to have a high school diploma to play Major League Baseball?

Yes; but you do not have to go to college; you can get drafted as soon as you're out of high school.

Which high school players jumped into the NBA and didn't do well?

Some of the prep-to-pro players that have not done well are Korleone Young, Ndudi Ebi, and Leon Smith. Click on the 'From High School to the NBA' link on this page to see a list of high schoolers drafted by NBA teams.

How many years of college do you need to play major league baseball?

None, many players are drafted out of high school. The first overall pick this year(2008) was Tim Beckham out of a Georgia High School.

Can a soccer player get drafted out of high school?