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Tony Esposito (15)

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Q: What NHL goalie had the second most shutouts as a rookie?
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What NHL goalie had the most shutouts as a rookie?

Tony Esposito, who holds the modern era record for most shutouts in a season (15), achieved his shutout record as a rookie. Though he had played 13 games the season previous, he was still considered a rookie and won the Calder Trophy, the NHL's rookie of the year award.

What Goalie has the most playoff shutouts in the NHL?

martin broduer

What NHL goalie had the most shutouts in a season?

George Hainsworth. In the 1928-1929 season for Montreal he recorded 22 shutouts.

Which Red Wings goalie holds the mark for most career shutouts?

Terry Sawchuk

Which red wing goalie hold the most career shutouts?

Terry Sawchuk--103

What goalie in the nhl has the most shutouts in a single playoff series?

Brodeur in 03 had 3 against the ducks

What NHL goalie had the most shutouts?

"Terry Sawchuk holds the record for most shutouts by an NHL goaltender, with 103 shutouts in 971 games." Terry Sawchuck USED to hold the record. The record is now held by Martin Brodeur. As of April 06 2010, Brodeur has 110 shutouts, all with the New Jersey Devils.

Most stolen bases by a rookie?

Second base is the most stolen by a rookie. This happens because they are after the person going to 3rd. St. Louis Cardinal Vince Coleman stole the most bases for a rookie in 1985 (110 bases).

What nhl goalie had the most shutouts in 2007-2008?

Henrik Lundqvist It was actually Chris Osgood.... He had a record 18 Shutouts last season and then he and the RedWings went on and won the Stanley Cup...(BOOOOO, Go Stars!!!!)

What are the most innings ever pitched by a rookie pitcher?

The most innings pitched in a season by a rookie is 378 by Irv Young of the Boston Beaneaters (now Atlanta Braves) in 1905. Young pitched in 43 games, had 41 complete games, 7 shutouts, and a record of 20-21 with a 2.90 ERA.

Who is the most famous womens lacrosse goalie?

Mikey Meagher of the Florida Gators may be the most famous women's lacrosse goalie. She is the only goalie to have been a finalist for the Tewaaraton Award, the sport's highest honor.

Who is a better soccer goalie buffon or nikopolidas?

Gianluigi Buffon. Record for the most expensive goalie. #1!

Most recent NHL goalie to score?

Patrick Roy scored in 2003 which is the most recent nhl goalie to score in a game and playoff game.

Most points scored by a rookie in the nba?

I beleive Wilt Chamberlain had the most points as a rookie

Who is the Second best soccer goalie?

That depends on your definition of best. Is it most goals saved, or most goals saved per match played? That depends on your definition of best. Is it most goals saved, or most goals saved per match played?

What is the weirdest NHL goalie number?

There is no wierdest number. The regular "goalie" numbers are: 1, 30, 31, 34, 35, 40. It isn't odd to see a goalie with 32, 33, 36,37,38, or 39. Most goalie numbers other than those mentioned above are fairly wierd to see on a goalie.

Do all rookie cards say rookie on them?

No. Most Rookie cards do not read Rookie on them. A Rookie Card is a players first year of cards, whether or not it is his rookie season. Players may have one or dozens of rookie cards, depending on how highly touted he was as a youngster and in which year his rookie card was issued

Who is Cam Ward?

Ward was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy in 2006 as the playoffs most valuable player. He was the first rookie starting goalie to win a Stanley Cup since Patrick Roy in 1986 and the first rookie goalie to win the Conn Smythe since Ron Hextall in 1987. He also participated in the 2011 NHL All-Star game held in Raleigh, NC. On December 26, 2011, Ward became the tenth goalie to be credited with scoring a goal in a game against the New Jersey Devils.

Which goalie has the most shoutouts in hockey?

Martin Brodeur

What goalie has the most saves in NHL history?

Me muhahahahahaha

Who has the Most playoff wins by goalie?

patrick roy

Which nhl goalie has the most shootout wins?

Martin Brodeur-26

What team has the best pitching in MLB?

Currently, the SD Padres are the best team. They have the best ERA, most strikeouts, tied for most shutouts, and second in BA allowed.

What is the most popular sport in Germany?

By far, soccer (called "fussball" in German) is the most popular sport in Germany. Second place is handball, which is like a combination of basketball (ball control and passing) and soccer (position of goalie, goal net).

What is a Crosby rookie card worth?

I currently am a proud owner of one of the most sought after rookie cards of crosby. I have his upper deck ice 05-06 numbered to only 99, and his glacial graphs from the same year. The current book value on the first card is $3500.00 and the second is $500.00. If you own "the cup" of his rookie year that one books at $12k.