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the only current nfl team to never go to the playoffs is the Houston Texans

... CORRECT THAT.. all nfl teams has been in the playoffs

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Q: What NFL teams have never been in playoffs?
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Which nfl teams have never been to the playoffs?

With the Houston Texans making the playoffs this year every team will have been to the playoffs.

Teams that never made the playoffs?

Houston Texans has never made the NFL Playoffs.

What NFL team has never made the playoffs?

The Houston Texans 2012 answer: all NFL teams made it to the playoffs.

What NFL teams have not been to playoffs?

The Houston Texans are the only NFL team never to make the playoffs. However, they are the youngest franchise, playing only since 2002. They also posted their first winning season in 2009, with a 9-7 record.

How many nfl teams started 1-3 and made playoffs?

how many 1-3 teams went to playoffs nfl

Is there a NFL team that has never been to the playoffs?

Houston Texans

How many NFL teams go to the playoffs?

12 teams

How many teams go to the NFL playoffs?

12 teams

How many NFL teams go to playoffs?

12 teams

How many NFL teams have made playoffs?

all teams made the playoffs once

How many 8-8 teams NFL playoffs?

Most teams get to make the playoffs at 8&8 if that is your question?

Are there NFL teams that won their divisions but did not go to the playoffs?

No, NFL rules state that a division winner has an automatic place in the playoffs.

What NFL coach took 4 teams to playoffs?

Wade Phillips, currently the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, has lead 4 teams to the NFL playoffs in his 31-year coaching career.

What nfl teams will be hard to beat in the playoffs?


How many teams are in the NFL divisional playoffs?


Which NFL teams that made it to the playoffs?

I am no expert, but im sure every NFL team has made it to the playoffs, the houston texans have recently made it to the playoffs, so it cant be them.

Has there ever been three teams in the NFL playoffs that were quarterbacked by the same person over the previous three years?


How many NFL teams advance to playoffs?

A total of 12 teams get in. Each conference has four division champs and two wild-card teams which advance to the playoffs.

How many teams are currently in the NFL?

The NFL currently has 32 teams. A season sees 6 teams make it to the playoffs to compete to be the champions of the Super Bowl.

How many teams from each division go to the NFL playoffs?

The winner from each division makes the playoffs. The 2 best teams in the conference who didn't wil their division will also be in the playoffs.

What is the total number of teams that participate in the NFL playoffs?


Can two nfl teams from the same division play for the conference championship in the playoffs?

yes because they have the best two teams in the conference and they go. then the teams with the best record go to playoffs

Can you give a list of who is left in the NFL playoffs?

Currently there aren't any teams in the NFL Playoffs, although if you are talking about the Superbowl, the last two teams were the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens eventually won.

What NFL teams have the Ravens never beat?

Regular season: Patriots & Panthers Regular season & Playoffs: Panthers

Which two nfl teams have met the most in the playoffs?

Pittsburgh and dallas