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Q: What NFL team plays in Massachusetts?
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What is the NFL team plays for Massachusetts?

The New England Patriots play in Foxboro, Massachusetts. PaymonM

Which team plays in the NFL?

what do you mean what team plays in the NFL there are several

How many plays are there in a NFL playbook?

NFL playbooks can have as many plays as the coach and team decide. On average, an NFL team playbook can have up to 300 plays even if they all are not used.

What are the NFL football team in Massachusetts?

The team for the new England area is the patriots.

Foxboro Massachusetts is home to which NFL team?

Foxboro, Massachusetts is home to The New England Patriots.

Which state on the west cost has three nfl team?


What NFL team represents Massachusetts?

New England Patriots

What NFL team plays in Delaware?

Delaware does not have its own NFL team or MLB for that matter either.

Number of plays per team NFL?

There are 11 players per team on the NFL.

Foxsboro Massachusetts are home to which NFL team?

The New England Patriots

How many different football plays are there in the NFL?

well, each different NFL team has their own number of plays

What is the NBA team that plays for Massachusetts?

The Boston Celtics

Is there an NFL team that plays in jersey?

no and they don't have baseball team either

Who are The Patriots?

The Patriots are an NFL team located in Foxbourough, Massachusetts. They are in the AFC East

What is the name of the NFL team that plays in Miami?


What NFL team plays in San Francisco?

the 49ers.

Which nfl team plays for Colorado?

The Denver Broncos

What NFL team plays at the highest elevation?

Denver Broncos

Chad pennington plays for which NFL team?

The Miami Dolphins

What NFL team does rudi Johnson plays for?

The Bengals and the Lions.

What NFL team plays for your nations capital?

Washington redskins

What NFL team plays in Boston?

New England patriots

What NFL team does Micheal Vick plays for?

Philadelphia Eagles.

How many games does each NFL team play?

As of the end of the 2017 NFL season, every NFL Team plays 4 preseason games and 16 regular season games.

How many plays are in a NFL game?

As of the end of the 2013 NFL season, the average number of plays in an NFL game for each team is between 60 and 70 plays or 120-140 combined between the two (2) teams.