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Q: What NFL team played the most Monday night games?
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Which team played the most monday night football games?

Washington redskins

What player has play the most Monday night football games?

Brett Farve

Which nfl team has lost the most monday night football games?

The Chicago Bears have lost the most Monday Night Football games in the NFL (by number) and the Atlanta Falcons have the worst percentage at just .290 (9W-22L)

What NFL team has the best record on Monday Night Football?

Through NFL games played on September 8, 2008 the Seattle Seahawks have the best winning percentage on Monday Night Football at .667 (16 wins 8 losses). The Dallas Cowboys have won the most games on MNF with 40.

A World Series played at night?

Today, most World Series games are played at night.

Who has the best Monday Night football record between 1970 and 2001?

AnswerI think it's the Oakland Raiders. The Steelers and Cowboys both have pretty good records on monday Night as well.AnswerpittsburghIt's the Cowboys. They have the most mnf wins, also the most mnf games played, so, go figure.

Who has the most loses on Monday night football?


Which quarterback has the most touchdowns on Monday Night Football?

Former Miami Dolphins signal caller and Hall of Fame inductee Dan Marino has thrown the most touch down passes on Monday Night Football. He tossed an amazing 74 td's in MNF games.

What is better monday night raw or Friday night smackdown?

Monday Night RAW It has most of the popular wrestlers like John Cena and Randy Orton

What NFL team has played the most night games in one season?

Baltimore ravens

Who has the most wins as a quarterback on monday night football?

Brett favre

What is the most commonly done thing on a Monday?

regret the night before

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